The Photographer

What makes a good wedding photographer? While technical proficiency, a good eye, imagination and creativity are a must, the best photographers are the ones that are also patient, the ones who realize the importance of making people comfortable. They are the ones that the bride and groom and their families can look to for guidance, that will keep the wedding moving and the bride and groom happy and stress free, but at the same time, capturing everything that is happening, creating beautiful portraits, and not missing any of the big moments. The same principle applies to photographing couples, families, and children. I’ve had a love for photography since I was a little girl, and 8 years ago I decided to start my own business. Even though my hobby has turned into a business, I’ve decided to keep my business small, so I can continue to love what I do, and spend time continuing my education in this ever changing world of photography. The reason why I started this business, and what gives me the most enjoyment from photography, are the emotions I get to capture; from the so-in-love soon-to-be husband and wife; the beautiful, excited bride and her awaiting groom; the nervous but excited expecting mother; the new parents with their week old baby, and so on.  Even though many of my clients are strangers when we start, by the end we have a very special and unique relationship, and I value the extra time and attention that I can give to each client my keeping my business small. I hope you enjoy getting to know my style and the people I photograph through this blog. Click here to contact me!